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We often hear from our customers just how fresh and tasty our eggs are. We believe this is due to the high standards we adhere to and our Free-Range Organic philosophy.

Our eggs are produced under the Lion Code, which means they are produced to the highest standards of quality and food safety in the world. We are also R.S.P.C.A. Assured (formerly Freedom Foods) and an Organic Food Federation Certified Organic farm.

As a Free-Range farm, our hens have access to high quality housing providing them with shelter from inclement weather and offering protection at night. During the day, when the weather permits, our hens are able to range outdoors.


The outdoor ranging area is comprised of a mixture of surfaces – from dust baths to grass – with shelter provided by trees. Toys and climbing obstacles provide further enrichment as we try to replicate how our birds would live in the wild.

UNP Editions 33445 Border Eggs002.JPG
UNP Editions 33445 Border Eggs029.JPG
UNP Editions 33445 Border Eggs018.JPG

Our eggs are also produced organically. This means we take extra care over what our hens eat and how we manage where they live.


Not only is this good for our birds but here at Border Eggs, we believe this is good for our customers and our ecosystem too. By farming organically we are investing in a healthier environment for everyone.

When you buy our eggs, you are not only investing in a fresh and tasty product, you are also showing that you care about where your food comes from and how it is produced.


You are showing our hens that you care about their welfare and you are helping to support a local business, which in turn, helps to support our local community. Thank you!

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