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During 2019, whilst our sister company MacLean Eggs latest chicken shed was under construction, it was decided we would like to be able to show our local community and consumers what is involved in Organic Free-Range egg production in the 21st century.


James visited a number of farms in Holland during the build as Dutch farmers are ahead of the UK in engaging with their consumers. This visit proved very useful, and once back home, there were a few sketches with Ellerington Engineering and we were off!


Our Viewing Gallery has been built above the packing facility to enable visitors to see into the bird area, where the chickens are fed, watered and where they lay their eggs. From there, you can then follow the journey the egg takes from chicken all the way to the pallet.



A last minute addition during the build was to create a downstairs contemplation zone where you can be just 10mm of glass away from our hens, whilst maintaining bio security and not disturbing them. It is this area that visitors seem to enjoy the most, observing the chickens up the tree or dust bathing. Perhaps even taking a photo with our Facebook selfie portrait! 


We are so proud to say that this is the first Viewing Gallery in the country with these viewing areas and facilities.

This latest shed has 65kw solar panels on the roof, power factor correction and voltage optimization; making it one of the most self-sufficient chicken sheds in the UK. 

Our Viewing Gallery recently had a visit from the Grove School, Berwick upon Tweed. We were delighted to show them what is involved in a chicken shed and where their eggs come from. Our staff (and our hens) had a briliant time entertaining the children whilst having a bit of fun along the way!


If you would like to arrange a group visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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